What happens in a coaching session?

What can i expect?

What to expect during a Coaching Session

All coaching sessions are unique, however, you can expect the format of the session to be something like this:

Meet: we will meet one to one, uninterrupted. I prefer face to face meetings, but in light of Covid, we can also meet safely on Zoom, Skype, MS Teams, or WhatsApp . 

Identify: we will identify what you wish to achieve through coaching sessions. I will use coaching tools and techniques, tailored questions and effective listening to help raise your self-awareness and to facilitate your steps towards achieving your goals.

Actions: I may send out key questions for you to consider before starting the coaching sessions. Also, towards the end of the session, we will usually identify some 'homework' for you to complete before the next session. This will be fully discussed during our session and could include: completing a short questionnaire to clarify your motivation at work; hold a conversation with a work colleague on a significant topic or simply to pay attention to the language you use when you discuss your work. At our next session we will discuss how you got on - and what results you got.

" Coaching works on the premise that you hold the unique solution to the issues that you face. "