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Want to enhance your performance in the workplace?

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Hello, and welcome to my site! Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I have over 20 years' experience in business, supporting people to improve their business performance. I currently work in Organisational Development. This role allows access to a broad range of businesses as well as the ability to gain insights as to what causes 'pain' in business and what steps to take to resolve that.

I work with business owners, CEOs, MDs, FDs, Managers and HR Professionals - all with the common aim to improve business performance through their people.

Often we discuss the structure and culture of the business; skills gaps; leadership and management styles; how to enhance performance; embracing change; communication; employee engagement and many other topics relating to people in business. And, of course, we discuss how coaching impacts on teams, team members and at manager and executive levels.

I am particularly interested in the effects of coaching in the workplace and have completed the ILM Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring in the Workplace.

In my experience, as a business coach and mentor, I have had the opportunity to support a number of clients who faced different issues in their workplace. Those issues included: 

- "Should I stay in this business or take my skills and experience elsewhere?"

- "I want to apply for a different role within my organisation but am not sure  my current skills and experience are sufficient."

- "My role is to be altered, with increased responsibilities and I am not sure how to cope."

Have a look at the Success Stories and Case Studies for examples of how my coaching approach has helped individuals - and businesses - in a lasting and sustainable way.

Success stories

"I grew in confidence"

"I was going through a particularly difficult period at work due to some challenging external factors that were beyond my control. I reached out to Kaela who offered me some coaching sessions to help me work through these issues.

The space that Kaela gave me to find my own responses to those challenges was so helpful,  it helped me understand how my emotions and reactions were impacting on the situation and helped me take control. I worked with Kaela to find practical solutions to the problems that I faced. In doing so, I not only resolved my immediate issue but also grew in confidence and ability to solve future problems. I feel more self-assured, more confident and more able in any and all challenges I face, in work and beyond.

 Having worked with Kaela I’ve been promoted to a more senior level and am enjoying my new role more and more each day.”                                                   EW, Manager, Public Sector

"I got the promotion i deserve"

"Kaela's coaching style is perfect.  I went to her because I was stuck in a rut at work: I'd go for promotion interviews but flounder whenever I was asked what I was good at.  I had no confidence in my abilities, and unfortunately that was catching! 

Initially, I felt a bit of a fraud for going for coaching; surely I ought to be able to sort myself out?  What I learned from Kaela is that sometimes I'm not always the best person to see myself clearly.  Patiently, but with lots of humour, she helped me break down my blind spots.  What I valued most was that she took me seriously, and gave me gentle direction and space to work things through. 

I came away with much more faith in myself.  When I went for the next interview, I sailed through it and got the job.  The effects of the coaching have stayed with me: I'm better at standing my ground with difficult customers, I've used some of Kaela's techniques with my family, I can talk myself down from the ledge when I start doubting what I'm doing. 

Overall, this was one of the best things I've ever done for myself, and it's down to Kaela's calm, sympathetic and positive approach." 

Sarah M, Manager

"I tackled my inner critic"

"As it became clear that my role was developing into that of a people manager, I approached Kaela to arrange coaching sessions. She prepared a programme that developed my skills and her guidance helped me to apply what I was learning in my particular work situation.

Crucially, the coaching unearthed some internal blocks that I was initially unaware of – most notably the ‘inner critic’. By bringing these to light, I am working far more efficiently.

Subsequently, I was asked to set up an overseas office for my employer. My time with Kaela provided a solid foundation that is helping me to identify what support, skills and resources I need to make this move a success. I am also more aware of the strengths and abilities I already possess, which is serving me well in my new role.

I have reflected on the benefits of coaching and can see how I have gained in confidence – identifying the things that matter and discarding those that don’t. Kaela is very good at organising the mind! More broadly speaking, the company I work for is also benefitting from my increased self-awareness on what I can deliver.

A very worthwhile experience.”               PL, Manager, International Glasgow-based business

"I got the job i really wanted"

"I came to Kaela during a period when I was very unsure of what I wanted to do with my career, and was feeling low in confidence. I felt I needed someone to help clarify jumbled thoughts, talk through different options and help me re-build my self-confidence. My career had suffered following time spent caring for children and I think I had somewhat "lost my way". I knew I needed to make some serious changes, and wanted some advice and support to present the best of myself and maximise my chances of success.

Kaela has a real talent for sifting through a complex tangle of thoughts and ideas, and helped me to identify a range of possible courses of action. She then helped me to draw up lists of tasks aimed at following these courses of action, and to prioritise where and how I was spending my time and energy. She is skilled at gently offering constructive advice and encouraging positive action. She also provided some excellent confidence building exercised which I imagine I will continue to use and benefit from for the rest of my life.

As a direct result of Kaela's support I was invited for interview at the company in which I was most interested, and following interview I was successful and am thoroughly enjoying working there. Kaela has been instrumental in helping me get there!"

Nina, Electronic Design Engineer

CASE STudies

how coaching successfully supported these people


Sufficiently skilled for a new job?

Elaine was interested in applying for different jobs within her current organisation – something that would stretch and challenge her and make best use of her skills. She sought coaching because she was unsure as to the value of her skills and experience. What value did she bring to her role? What skills and experience could she bring to a future role?

Coaching revealed that her boss and peers rated her very highly in her current role but that she did not share this high opinion of herself. We worked on developing her self-belief and on understanding the (very high) standards that she set herself.

Following the coaching, Elaine applied for a new post within her organisation and was successful.

New job, new challenge

James was newly promoted and overwhelmed by the number and scope of the development areas his new post required – as well as a new and busy ‘day job’ to get to grips with.

We identified priority areas and a clear, measureable action plan for James to follow. Each time we met, we discussed progress and clarified what the next priority area would be.

James appreciated how coaching measured his commitment to each action, as this motivated him to move closer to his planned outcome.

Coaching for the CEO – a safe place to explore business ideas

Tricia is the CEO who wanted to explore a number of ways to future-proof her small organisation. In particular, she recognised a need to work more strategically and to ensure the organisation grew and became a firm fixture in their area of service delivery.

With Tricia, I worked more in a mentoring role, sharing experiences that supported Tricia’s business aims. As CEO, Tricia found it useful to have a sounding board to test out different ideas and approaches that she could put into practice within her business, as well as gain significant job satisfaction.

As our mentoring and coaching sessions progressed, Tricia successfully recruited and developed the Board, as well as securing significant funding for the business.

Balancing work and home life

Kris is a sole trader who was struggling to juggle the significant demands of a busy professional life with family commitments.

I coached Kris to identify which areas she could shape and influence and which parts will always be unpredictable.  We developed an action plan to take control of the business systems and processes as well as develop a flexible approach, with resources to hand, to cope with the less predictable demands in her work and home life.

Do any of these people and their coaching experiences resonate with you? Then please contact me for a free consultation  to find out how coaching can work for you.

"I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable. " John Russell


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